Jeff's Bio:
Where I'm from and where I'm going

Let me talk a little bit about myself.

I grew up in San Diego, and more specifically the Point Loma neighborhood, eventually graduating from Point Loma High School in 1987. After that, I went to Brandeis University graduating in 1991 with a degree in Biology with a minor in Spanish. (Two subjects that just go together, I can hear you saying.)

After graduation, I then returned to San Diego for a couple of years before moving to Seattle in August of 1993 where I am currently employed as a software tester at Microsoft in the group working on the Help & Support Services application. If you click on Start, and the Help, that's the product I'm working on. I currently live in Redmond and am married to a wonderful man named Greg.

The picture here is of me and my newphew Evan who is three days old in this photograph. My sister handed me the baby and ran to the bathroom which allowed my mother to have a captive photographic subject. I was expecting Fotomat to put a branch office in my sister's living room. Anyway, Evan is really cute and it'll be interesting to watch him grow up, and for him to go visit his uncles in Redmond. Now if only Mom would stop pressuring me and Greg to start having children.

Other things going on in my life:

This photo here is really my classic shot. It was the first picture I ever scanned and put on my webiste. It was taken in August of 1993 right before the San Diego ComicCon as I was planning on wearing it to the convention. Which I did. I later changed into a Deep Space Nine style outfit, which also went over rather well. The only reason I haven't taken this shot down in the nearly four years I've had it up is that it really irritates my relatives, and I have to admit that irritating them can be a quite enjoyable pastime. My sister, upon seeing the picture said, "Can't you take that down?"

I try to respect my sister's wishes, but not this time.

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