Just a little stamp art!

Here are five postcards I've made over the last few years. All of these use rubber stamps in some fashion. The top two cards were colored in with watercolor, the second two using felt tip pen and various tonal application techniques, and the third is with colored pencil. I'm doing more freehand watercolor these days, but I haven't had time to scan anything lately, so I'm sorry that this page hasn't changed in a while.

Card 1 - Dead Snowmen Tell No Tales

This card may take some explanation. I was doing a Mystery swap with the online Rubber Stamping List on crafts.dm.net, and after the cards went out, I had people ask how this fit in with mystery. Okay, Ed killed some guy, and stuck him in the snowman, forgetting about when spring thaw hit, maybe the snowman might melt. Make sense?

Card 2 - The Dread Gazebo

Card 3 - My Travel Agent is a Dead Man

Card 4 - Bear Mail

Card 5 - This Isn't Kansas

If you want to know what companies the above stamps come from, just ask!